There is currently a combination of more than 60 stores in all including coastal vacations. Each compensates differently. Some of the breakdown is below,

Green wealth is in. Everyday our world is being depleted in many different ways and unfortunately we all in one way or another contribute to this. The beauty is that there has never being a better time to enjoy our earth and make money at the same time. If you have not started enjoying opportunities in the Green world but would love to have TIME FOR YOUR FAMILY and a shot at FINANCIAL FREEDOM and RELAXATION. If You would like to be a part of a growing awareness and contribute to saving your environment with a unique and incredible opportunity to make money. This is the time for you to learn about one of the most Amazing opportunities currently available in a newly growing multi-Billion Dollar industry. We are in the GREEN Business which is growing at a fast rate.

THIS BUSINESS IS EASY. According to the Nielsen Industry Outlook on 2010, the green industry will pass $420 billion in sales to consumers, and commercial sales will easily double that figure. This industry is going to grow from zero to sixty faster than a speeding bullet, and there will be plenty of money to be made in this business for decades to come.

Online Store

Tap into Huge Potential Revenue!

The Online Store is one of three applications that provide affiliate service, featuring great offers on products across apparels, electronics, jewelry, tablets, beauty & health care products and much more. The Online Store is a platform that helps promote product deals and discounts through internal advertisements and connect with customers around the world with products from various vendors such as eBay, Walmart, Microsoft and more.

Here’s an opportunity to be part of an affiliate marketing program that gives you a chance to earn the big bucks as commission. eBay states that their top 25 affiliates averages over $100,000 per month. Our applications; online store, green store and travel portal could help you achieve this huge potential revenue. With the right tools, tips and websites, DuYYu helps convert your visitors to online buyers of your own listings as well as other seller items that you choose to cross promote.

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Green Store

Go Green! Earn More!

For those of you who prefer to market or promote eco-friendly and organic products, provides the Green Store affiliate service. The Green Store application functions the same as the online store, with internal advertisements on offers and deals and organic products promoted by various vendors. If you’re a Home Based Business Entrepreneur with a small marketing budget, then the DuYYu affiliate program is just for you. Cross promote your very own organic products and utilize tools to display complementary listings of other sellers of your choice.
You get to expand your reach along with some of the biggest brands at home, country and with, now at the global market. The risk is small, the commission is huge and with the internet your business never sleeps. Should we say more?
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Travel Portal

Recurring Income through a Travel Site!

The travel portal is the last of the three affiliate service applications. The site was designed to meet the requirements of travel business owners. We understand that the travel industry is growing stronger by the day and to lure new customers through offers and deals, a travel portal is a necessity. offers a static website that allows you to add all the information on packages offered along with a contact form for enquiries.
The travel market is one that generates a lot of income. Through the DuYYu affiliate program you could choose to promote offers of other travel business and gain commission. Here is a possibility to earn more than your monthly income. Low overhead costs, operate entirely by phone, all you need is a computer and an internet connection and we could do the rest for you.
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